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XChrome - Beta Release 3

XChrome - Beta Release 3


Theme Management allows users to manage and install new themes at the click of a button.
Theme Distribution allows theme makers to pack their themes into a “Self-installing” EXE(users do not require Xchrome to install the theme)
XChrome Theme Wizard – Allows skin makers to take their existing skins and easily turn them into self extracting exe’s.

Changes :
Since the last release I have added some error handling, added an icon to the EXE’s (although if your using vista you may not be able to see them untill the icon cache refresh’s/clears. changed the theme builder into a much easier to use Theme Wizard.
the Xchrome theme installer no longer requires the user to have Xchrome installed.
so check it out and let me know if you find any breaks in it!

Download Link: