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Chromium Theme Creator 2nd

Chromium Theme Creator 2nd

Chromium Theme Creator v0.0.2.9807 beta

With this tool, to build the themes\default.dll file is far from a click.
Since the previous GChromeRES is slow and image names not well described, I made an alternative way, so this is it.

First and foremost -> Requirements:
GoRC.exe by Jeremy Gordon
ResHacker.exe by Angus Johnson
These files must be in the same directory where you’re going to extract this tool.

How to use:
– The zip file has PNG files in separate directories, you just edit them, and build with this tool.
– Test button to automatically replace the default.dll with the built one, so theme’s path must be correct.
– With Build+Test, is a shortcut for those actions, without the need to answer any questions.
Added Drag&Drop feature for dragging “default.dll” and dropping it in order to replace default.dll in Chrome’s path and after that Launch it.

Note: images or icons must not be moved from their directories, so once completed a theme design, backup those files to start another one…
However, if you want to modify the folder tree, just arrange them and modifiy default.rc file according to that.

I tested in WinXP and Vista, with Chromium and Google Chrome respectively, since this is a beta release, some bugs might be found.

A demonstrative video:

Firefox3 Theme For Google Chrome

Firefox3 Theme For Google Chrome

.exe for XChrome

.DLL install instructions:,553.0.html


**If something goes wrong i am in no way shape of form responsible**

i will be updating it and adding more so keep watch!
Enjoy =D

blurktheme_v1_1 For google chrome

blurktheme_v1_1 For google chrome

┌ Color: Gray
└ Time Spend: 2 hours (Approximately)

How to install (just download dll file)

Windows XP:

Extract to
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application.2.149.27\Themes

Windows Vista:

Extract to


or this