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Open in Chrome Firefox Extension

One Firefox extension many people use is IE View which enables you to open or view pages in IE, then later an IE View Lite version was released by Grayson Mixon.

Well this handy ‘Open in Chrome’ addon for Firefox is a tweak of IE View Lite which essentially allows you to do the same as the original but for Google Chrome instead. It also allows you to configure sites to always open in Google Chrome, right click links and open in Chrome as well as adds a toolbar button.

This is very useful if you are browsing with FireFox and want to open a URL in Google Chrome to utilize the Incognito mode, or just want to see how a particual page renders.


#1 Download

#2 Drag the .xpi to your FireFox window and restart Firefox for the addon to take effect

#3 Hit the Browse button and navigate to Tools >> Addons >> Open in Google Chrome then select Options and the following window will appear:



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Google Chrome Tips & Tricks

On the URL, type in: about:internets
This will show the old Windows 3.11 screensaver of pipes. The tab name will read “Dont clog the tubes”. I used to remember this when I was a kid. After school, I’ll go to his office and poke around. I always see this screensaver on his computer.



2. Other hacks:

about:version – version info on Google Chrome
– will show the pitiful crash icon

3. To clear those *ahem* logs, as well as those annoying Most Visited on the front page of Chrome, go to Toolbar (located at the upper right) -> Clear browsing data…